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Why is it so hard to find a new job?

There are a few things that we all love to hate; filing taxes, scrubbing toilets, giving speeches, changing our oil and going to the dentist. But we have to do it! Finding a new job is a necessary evil, and something that we all will have to do multiple times in our life. And yet no one teaches us how to do it.

So why is it so hard to find a new job?

You feel paralyzed

You're overworked and tired. The last thing you want to do after a long day is look for a new job. And where should you even look? Where do you start? Like most people, it's probably been years since you updated your resume. It feels like it's too much to even take the first step.

Finding a new job is a full time job. You cannot expect to find a better, higher-paying job if you're not dedicating at least a few hours daily to the process. You should average 20 hours of searching once your resume is ready.

Your resume is super outdated

When was the last time you updated your resume? It was likely the last time you had to find a job. Not only does it not include your existing position, but it's probably way too focused on the past and not enough on the future. You cannot re-write your own resume. There are just a few things we shouldn't DIY! RedRocketResume can help you shine on paper and get past applicant tracking systems.

You're not applying to enough jobs

One of the biggest mistakes jobseekers make is only applying to a handful of jobs and expecting to hear back quickly. Right now, it's not uncommon for employers to take several weeks to get back to applicants. You can expect to hear back from about 10% of the jobs you apply for. So the more the better!

Learn more about how many jobs you need to apply to and how to strategically make your next move in my Career Confidence Course Finding a New Job.

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