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Feeling stuck in your job?

Not sure what’s next for your career?


When you purchase

a course, you’ll have access to Career Coach Britt Larsen’s best tips and tricks that help her employees and coaching clients build better careers, get raises and find joy in their jobs. You’ll have permanent access to the content, giving you the chance to come back for a refresher when you experience changes in your career. You don’t have to spend hours to make a big difference in your career.


Each course is concise, fun, and actionable so that you can get started right away! 

Career Confidence courses are right for you if...

You struggle with imposter syndrome or confidence.

You’re looking to switch industries.

You’re a college student anticipating your next steps.

You’re a manager looking for help with your team.

You’re returning to the workforce.

You’re struggling with your boss.

You’re interested in 1:1 coaching but not ready to make the financial investment.

You haven’t updated your resume or interviewed recently.


Ruth, VP of People Operations

I got a job and I am SO thankful for YOU! THANK YOU for the interview work you did with me. I accepted a job offer today that is such an incredible fit and opportunity, I am in awe. I had eight different interviews with this company, including three with the CEO, and the work I did with you helped every time. You really shifted my thinking about how I tell my stories. Not only did it empower me to put more emphasis on my strengths, it shortened my interview question responses-- which then allowed for deeper and more thorough conversations. I feel like I was able to make a true connection with each person I spoke to AND impress them to boot.  I only wish I had done it sooner. And thank you ALWAYS for your incredible support. I am so grateful you have chosen to do what you are doing! 

Career Confidence Course Topics:


Discovering your career path


Managing your time effectively


Advocating for yourself


Negotiating for a raise or promotion


Preparing for job interviews


Setting yourself up for success


Defeating imposter syndrome


Finding a new job


Career confidence courses

Career Confidence Courses were created with busy working professionals in mind.  Each course is under an hour and includes a workbook so that you can put my advice that’s helped my employees and 1:1 clients to work in your career quickly and efficiently.

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