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britt larsen career coach livlyhood

About Livlyhood

Livlyhood is a community for women who work. Here, you'll find the resources you need to build your dream life & the confidence to make it happen. Livlyhood started in 2017 as a blog featuring women from many professional backgrounds, and has since grown into a premier community for working women including a thriving career coaching business and highly rated podcast. 

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About Britt

As a communications executive, I know what it takes to build a career you love and are proud of.  I love being a career coach because my years of management experience are put to good use as I help others enjoy their jobs! 

We're redefining what it means to be a career woman, together. We focus on the work and don't get caught up in unimportant gossip... because girls gossip, women work.

britt larsen career coach livlyhood


Britt's Career Path

Britt Larsen now uses her years of executive management experience to support others looking to make a change in their career; whether it be discovering a new industry, finding a new job, preparing for interviews or getting a promotion. She founded Livlyhood, a community for women who work, in 2017 as a blog featuring women from diverse professional backgrounds, and has since grown the space into a premier community for working women and thriving career coaching business for people of all backgrounds.

Early in her career, Britt Larsen became the Director of Communications for a prominent Congressman in Washington, DC. During the 2012 presidential election, she managed the communications efforts during the Iowa Caucus and led the communications strategy for her boss as he moderated the CNN South Carolina Presidential Candidate Debate. On Capitol Hill, she cultivated longstanding relationships with members of the national press, booking daily hits on national television and wrote all press releases and official statements placed in outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Politico. She was also chosen to lead The Heritage Foundation's weekly communications briefing.

From DC, she was recruited to be the Director of Communications for the Governor of Florida. She served as the Department of State Public Information Officer overseeing state elections and the on-camera official spokeswoman and speechwriter for the Secretary of State and agency of over 600 employees. She led efforts in advertising, public affairs, marketing, and social media while managing the communications team of thirty professionals, directing strategy for campaigns in tourism, voting, and education with multi-million dollar ad budgets. She interacted frequently with members of the local and national press, and held daily press briefings during the election cycle.

Britt then moved into the private sector and since has directed public affairs strategy and communications for political campaigns, startups and established enterprise companies. As a Director of Public Relations and Vice President of Client Relations, her clients included Microsoft, Delta, Pfizer, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, Merit Medical, Subway, United Airlines, Joann Fabrics, Extra Space Storage and several statewide and national political campaigns. As the youngest and only female Vice President at her last firm, she instituted a completely new structure for client strategy and hired more than 50% of the employees. 

Britt studied communications and political science at Brigham Young University and interned at NBC News. 

britt larsen career coach livlyhood

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