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livlyhood britt larsen career coach tesimonial

Tiffany, Project Manager

"This is my second week into my new job and I am beyond excited to be in this new position. I began working with Britt to gain some more knowledge, confidence and overall success in my job hunt. Britt was incredible from day one. We started with a  goal that at first felt might be more of a dream goal than a realistic one, especially in our current economy. With a little bit of patience and hope this goal we created matches where I'm at today. Hiring a Career Coach was a great investment in myself to not only prove my worth, but achieving this success. I am so thankful for you, Britt! These past few months have been a crazy rollercoaster but I can't thank you enough for always encouraging, supporting and believing in me. You have no idea how much your kindness, love and positivity has meant to me."

livlyhood britt larsen career coach testimonial

Jeff, VP of Advertising

"Brittany is an outstanding leader and innovator. She organized and reshaped the client management department while we worked together at the same company. Her contribution of defining different roles within the department and how those different roles support the client management process is a valuable legacy that endures beyond her tenure with the company. Brittany has so many varied skills and abilities that it is beyond me to enumerate all of them. One skill that impresses me is her ability to communicate to and understand the needs of a client. She astutely grasps how they are thinking about and defining their problems. As a result, she is able to provide them not only effective solutions, but communicate those solutions in a manner that instills confidence within the client themselves that they are accomplishing what they have set out to do. As a coach, a business leader, and a communicator, Brittany is the consummate professional. I recommend her to all."

livlyhood britt larsen career coach testimonial

Amanda, Engineer and Content Strategist

"Britt is the real deal! I have benefited from her skills as a speaker, coach, and career consultant. Her workshops are innovative and engaging, helping people really discover what their aspirations are for life, not just their careers. The Livlyhood Community is an incredible resource, which Britt moderates with energy and fun as she connects women with each other to further their aspirations. Every lecture or event that I have attended with Britt speaking has led me to understand myself better, improve my career path, and connect with amazing people. Her coaching skills are also completely on point. She has helped me identify companies that fit with my personal values, prepare for interviews, and successfully negotiate salary offers. Every step of the way, Britt's guidance has been exactly right. If you're not sure where your path is headed, this is the woman you want to walk with you and figure it out."

livlyhood britt larsen career coach testimonial

Suchi, PR Manager

"Brittany is a great colleague and manager to work for. She was always interested in helping me grow as an employee. Any question or concern, she responds right away and even follows up later. Her ability to multitask has allowed her to manage several clients, her team, work, travel and even unexpected meetings. Through her strong passion for public relations, she has even helped drive the company forward."

livlyhood britt larsen career coach testimonial

Rich, Mechanical Engineer

"Working with Britt is great.  Her discovery process helped identify a workable personal mission statement and gives me the much-needed confidence to go win in my new job search.  Also, as a consultant she is able to listen and give a sense of direction and a belief that indeed, I can change professions and be successful."

livlyhood britt larsen career coach testimonial

Sarah, Vendor Manager

"After being laid off due to COVID this past December, I was apprehensive about what was next for my career. I learned of Brittany's services through a mutual connection and after my initial conversation, I was extremely impressed and immediately put at ease. She has been an invaluable resource with career discovery, interview prep and even went the extra mile proofreading my post-interview thank you notes and giving advice after I received two offers. I cannot recommend her enough if you are undergoing a job search or career change. She is a joy to work with and very evidently cares about her clients. I hope to keep in touch as I start my new role- thank you again!"

livlyhood britt larsen career coach testimonial

Katie, Director of Operations

"Brittany is a visionary leader doing amazing things to support women of all kinds in the workplace. Her intergenerational approach to changing conversations about how women can advance in their chosen fields is inspiring. I'm honored to be cheering for her work and am thankful for the opportunity to partner with her vision."

livlyhood britt larsen career coach testimonial

Nikki, Graphic Designer 

"Since I became a stay at home mom I've felt this drive to do something more, but I could never figure out what that was. Britt must be magical, because in a one hour session with her I have found more clarity than I have in my eight years of running in circles searching for the "right" thing. When we talked about my end goal being a creative director, it resonated deeply with me, and I feel like I've found the perfect fit.  I'm so grateful. I can't tell you how much finding a meaningful career means to me and how lost I've been up to this point."

livlyhood britt larsen career coach testimonial

Dave, Business Development Director

"Thank you so much for your help in bringing clarity as to what could be potential great fits for my second career and how to best prepare myself for the interview process by developing STAR stories. Your enthusiasm is contagious and was exactly what I needed as I began my job search. With your help, I did land a new and exciting job. Thanks for helping develop a plan and bring clarity to my career goals with your tested methods of personal talent discovery. "

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