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7 Tips On How to Break into Leadership

Getting promoted into leadership can feel impossible, especially when the teams in your company feel established.

Here are a few tips I recommend to anyone who is hoping to further their career through leadership.

  1. Develop your Skills

Focus on developing your skills in the industry you would like to be a leader in. Sounds simple enough but sometimes this is forgotten!

2. Make your intentions known

Something that I have seen a lot in my career is people getting caught up in feeling like their boss or manager is not respecting their wishes to advance, when they haven't communicated them. In your meetings with your manager, vocalize how you would love to be involved in more leadership opportunities. Advocating for yourself is a great basis for communicating effectively as a boss later. Take my course to learn how to advocate for yourself!

3. Lead from Where You Stand

There are many opportunities to lead from your current role to demonstrate your abilities for leadership. For example, if there is an extra project, volunteer to show your skills! Another great way to lead from where you stand is to help train new employees. You can ask your manager or the HR department if there are ways you can help train new employees in your organization.

4. Seek Mentorship

Find mentors within your organization or industry you can provide guidance, support and insight into leadership roles. Learn from their experiences and seek feedback on your own leadership potential.

5. Build a Strong Network

Network with not only colleagues and mentors in your organization, but professionals in your industry as well. Expanding your visibility and connections can help you build your career in ways that seeking mentorship just at your company can. Consider updating your LinkedIn and optimizing your profile. Connect with those online who have titles and jobs at companies that would be your ideal job.

6. Seek Feedback and Development

Feedback can be key to getting better and eventually getting what you want! Ask your managers for feedback by asking "What do you see as my strengths and areas of development/ opportunity?" Seek out training and courses that will help you sharpen your skills. Take advantage of leadership development programs, workshops and coaching opportunities.

7. Stay Resilient and Persistent

Breaking into leadership can take time and effort, so stay focused on your goals and be prepared to face challenges along the way. Stay resilient, learn from setbacks and keep pushing! At the end of the day, know your worth and if you feel ready for leadership and an opportunity comes up, apply!

Leadership can lead to better pay opportunities and ways to help people! If you need help getting into leadership, check out my course to help advocate for yourself at work.

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