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The Mama Ladder: High Five Grant for Moms

Semi-Annual $5,000 Business Grant Empowering Mom Entrepreneurs to Make Massive Impact

Happy Mother’s Day! I’m so excited to share about The Mama Ladder today. The Mama Ladder empowers mom entrepreneurs to take bold action with BIG heart. Founded in 2017 by two professionals-turned-mamapreneurs, The Mama Ladder® is on a mission to help women thrive at the intersection of mamahood and entrepreneurship. Promising mom entrepreneurs from around the world come to them for family-friendly business training through retreats, mentoring, and to make greater impact through the HIGH FIVE Grant for Moms.

They just announced this new grant to help women in business and they asked me to share about it to spread the news. How cool is this?! See below for more information, and pass it along to any mamas you know who could use the support for her business!

The mission of HIGH FIVE Grant for Moms is to provide economic empowerment for promising mom entrepreneurs to build their business. Powered by mom-founded national sponsors, and hosted by The Mama Ladder®, this semi-annual grant of $5,000 launches summer 2018.


In the U.S., more than 9.1 million firms are owned by women, (National Association of Women Business Owners) Yet in 2016, only 2.19% of VC funds went to women-owned businesses. (Fortune)

Story Behind the HIGH FIVE from Crystalee Beck 

Every entrepreneurial mama has a seed of greatness. Sometimes we just need someone to help us see it in ourselves. While expecting my second baby, I was laid off from my full-time job. I didn’t know it at the time, but I beginning my entrepreneurial journey.

When my boy was born, no job offered the flexibility I needed with two kids under age two. As my babies grew, our family finances shrank to the point that a pack of gum at the grocery store seemed beyond our budget. How could this be happen, when I had earned a master’s degree? Despite fear and self-doubt, I took action and “created my own ladder” by launching a marketing company in 2016 on my own.

My first client made a deposit of $5,000. That capital gave me the confidence I needed to grow my business. The next year, I turned that initial $5,000 payment into a team of eight writers, 29 clients including world-leading tech brands, and a $100,000+ revenue in my business. The best part? My business fits my family and what matters most to me.

This discovery was too good to keep to myself. To pass it on, I cofounded The Mama Ladder® to help women thrive at the intersection of mamahood and entrepreneurship. I believe mom entrepreneurs can do anything with the right training, powerful mentors, and a HIGH FIVE.

Applications are open NOW at for promising mom entrepreneurs to apply for $5,000 grant. After June 1, a Judging Panel of entrepreneurs will select eight (8) finalists.

June 11, 2018

Eight finalists announced at Public voting open to determine grant winner.

June 21, 2018

First HIGH FIVE Grant for MomsTM winner announced on the one-year anniversary of The Mama Ladder®.

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