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Get Career Ready in 2022

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

You've been hearing about The Great Resignation and how people in your circle are getting new jobs making double, or even triple their salary. People are even quitting without any backup plans. Are these rumors true? What's happening that's cause this big shift in hiring? Is it time for you to find a new job? Or are you just restless because it's all everyone is talking about?

Sign up for the 22 Days to Career-Ready in 2022 Challenge today!

It's true that there have never been as many jobs open as there are now, and so many of the barriers that used to be an issue for employers (location, experience level, education, etc.) have been removed. But while it may make sense to find a new job, my hope is that instead of making that your focus, you'll be READY for whatever comes your way with your career in 2022.

I hate the "new year, new me" noise that bombards us at the beginning of each year. I think it puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on people and can lead to unhealthy obsessions and habits that don't last. What I want for you in 2022 is to create sustainable habits that will help you in your career regardless of what stage you're at, and regardless of whether or not you're ready for a new job.

For 22 days, my partner RedRocketResume and Livlyhood will be giving you a ten minute (or less!) challenge. These are the habits that can lead to more money, more joy in your job and less burnout and anxiety when change inevitably comes. To join the challenge, click here.

Below are three ways you can be career ready this year- so that whether it's a new job, a promotion, or a year focused on your own growth, you're ready for what comes your way.

Sign up for the 22 Days to Career-Ready in 2022 Challenge today!

1. Start tracking your accomplishments

I was shocked as a young professional about how little my boss and others remembered what I'd accomplished. As I became a manager and eventually an executive, I realized it was really difficult to keep track of everything my employees had done well, even though I made the effort. Frankly, no one is going to care about your career as much as you, so it's vital that you start keeping record of your success.

RedRocketResume has an Accomplishment Generator to help you get started. You simply sign up, create an account, and you'll get reminders to add to it as the year progresses. You can even just start a googledoc you brain dump into weekly. I would also suggest asking your boss how often they'd like to get an update for you, and plan on sending them a report that includes some of your accomplishments at least monthly. That way, you'll have a record when you're ready to ask for a raise or get a new job.

2. Prepare your STAR stories

The way we talk about our success matters. I coach people daily on job interview strategy and it all starts with how we view our own success. But what I love most about coaching people through their stories is not only that it helps them get amazing new jobs making more money, but that it totally shifts how they view themselves.

While you may not have job interviews scheduled, it's critical to start talking about your success in tangible ways. Take a look at my suggestions and make this a priority this month.

3. Invest in professional development

I wish I could tell you that your company will invest in the critical professional development that you'll need to discover what's next for your career, but sadly that type of support is rare. As a manager, I was shocked how little so many of my employees thought about their futures, and then all of the sudden they'd ask for a raise out of nowhere. Instead, take the time to identify your skillset gaps, ask for feedback, and do some reflection about how you can improve.

Every single job seeker who comes to me for coaching wishes they'd started sooner. Don't delay learning about how to speak up about what matters to you at work and finding out exactly what makes you different from other employees.

I offer Career Confidence Courses that cover topics like Setting Yourself Up for Success which covers all of the professional and communication tips I share with my 1:1 clients, as well as Defeating Imposter Syndrome, Finding a New Job and Negotiating a Raise or Promotion. My personal favorite course I offer is Managing Your Time Effectively, which covers the #1 most marketable skill you can use to make more money in your career; becoming more efficient and effective at your job.

4. Refresh your resume

You may not think you need to keep your resume updated unless you're actively job searching, but that kind of thinking is outdated and misguided. In today's economy, you can miss out on opportunities by waiting even just 24 hours to apply to a job, or respond to outreach from a connection. This is why my clients always have a "send-ready" resume, even if they're not actively searching out new opportunities.

You can attempt to refresh your resume on your own, but just like outsourcing car maintenance and teeth cleaning, this really should be left to the experts. After all, who enjoys talking about themselves? Take a look at the options from RedRocketResume so you're ready for whatever comes your way this year.

Life is just too short to endure a job you hate. As we head into what will likely be another unprecedented year (sorry, I had to say it!) I want you to feel as in control of your career as possible.

Sign up for the 22 Days to Career-Ready in 2022 Challenge today!

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