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Eight Ways to Stay Connected While Social Distancing

No one enjoys networking! Even people like me who are outgoing and social dread forced networking. Right now, when everyone feels more disconnected than ever, it's important to do simple things that can become helpful habits longterm to build loyalty.

Below I've listed 8 ways to reach out and stay connected since we can't attend happy hours like the photo above, and who loves doing that any way? You can now network without even leaving your couch. What a time to be alive!

1. Communicate based on facts, not emotions

  • Don’t allow yourself to put things into writing that you may regret.

  • People are on edge right now so you need to be even more self aware and careful.

2. Get your LinkedIn updated

  • Congratulate friends who are in new positions, add new connections and write recommendations for your contacts.

  • Set an alarm for taking 10-15 minutes a week to add new connections, comment on posts and stay active on LinkedIn. Getting into this habit now will serve you well longterm.

3. Network like there’s no corona

  • Write 1-2 thank you notes to your coworkers, past or present, and your boss this week.

  • Send one nice slack message a day to a coworker.

  • Ask one friend or coworker a week if there’s anything you can do to help them with their work today.

4. Keep your boss up to date

  • Does your boss know what you do all day? You need to make sure you’re keeping track of your success because she isn’t.

  • It can be an informal part of your 1:1s as a discussion or a weekly report in writing. Ask your boss what they would prefer.

5. Be open to opportunities

  • Keep your eye out for new positions and projects in your own company and elsewhere

  • Lots of shifts are happening right now, so find ways to be useful in your company that you haven't before.

6. Take time to self-reflect

  • Determine if what you’re good at and what you’re doing are aligned

  • This is a chance to re-brand and do some PR for yourself. When we all go back to work it's going to be like the first day of a new job. Take advantage of the fresh start.

7. Find ways to be a helper

  • Reach out, be available, take the time to listen and connect with your coworkers and the people you manage.

  • Donate or volunteer to a cause and be available to the people you care about.

8. Get your resume send-ready

  • Regardless of the climate or your personal situation you need a version you can send quickly.

  • It should be saved in an easy to access place that you can quickly text or email if an opportunity arises.

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