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What is the most marketable skill?

As a career coach I get asked often what skills, education or certifications are most marketable. While getting a project management certification is valuable, or an MBA can make a lot of sense, the most marketable skill you can develop is managing your time more effectively. It is the most universal skill to monetize.

If you're looking to improve your time management, here are some skills to improve upon:

Don't let your inbox rule your life

Your email inbox is NOT your to do list. You can't dictate how you're spending time based on what emails come to you. Of course there will be a crisis that comes up that requires immediate attention, but most emails can wait. Block off a certain amount of time daily to do deep work and avoid the trap of emails taking over your mood and productivity.

Don't let your day happen to you

Too many of us let the day just unfold and instead of taking control and planning ahead, we constantly feel behind. Schedule a full day to plan and decide exactly how you're going to spend your time at work. Assign regular times to reoccurring tasks. You get to control how your time is spent, even if you're feeling pulled in several directions.

To take your time management skills to the next level, check out my Managing Your Time More Effectively Career Confidence Course.

Don't focus more on your to do list than getting it done

I'm actually very anti to do list. Studies have proven that crossing items off of a to do list releases oxytocin, but it doesn't necessarily make you more productive. Instead of focusing on the quantity of your to dos, or when you're going to do something, just take a few minutes to complete a simple task or buckle down to finish a project and move on.

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