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Want a New Job in September? START NOW

Are you hoping to have a new job by September? You might need to start your search now, before summer really begins.

There are several months during the year that are statistically higher than others for starting a new job!

Here are a few reasons why this could be:

  1. Summer is full of vacations, including for recruiters, HR leaders and key hiring folks. A hiring process that usually takes 2 weeks may take 4-6, depending on if decision makers are in town and available or not.

  2. You might have a vacation yourself, and what a great time to use up all your unused PTO than in the summer before switching jobs?

  3. The busy season for a large amount of company's starts around October. They focus on hiring in September so they can train and ramp their new employees up for the busy season.

Another reason you may need to start now if you want a new job in September is the state of the current market. Company's are taking longer to reply, there are less roles open, and layoffs (especially in the tech world) are looming.

So you know you need to start now, but what should you start with?

First things first, take this time to update your resume. You can do it yourself but I highly recommend using a resume service. Upward Resume has an incredible package. These days having a perfectly crafted resume is vital in the job search. Check out this offering here.

Second, get really clear on what you want. No matter where you are in your career, life is too short to be in a career you hate. Really figure out what you want out of a job, and how it can help you lead the life you want.

If you need help getting clear, these courses will help:

You can absolutely still find a job in this economy! Use your resources, turn to experts and stay positive!

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