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Recession-proof your Career in 2023

Often the assumption is that it’s better to stay in a “safe” job where your position is “guaranteed” rather than taking the risk to switch companies. But why do you think you’re safe in your current job? Being employed is never a guarantee. What you can guarantee is that if your resume is outdated and you haven’t kept tabs on the job market, you’ll feel completely lost if you’re laid off.

No longer do professionals have the luxury of an outdated resume, an inactive LinkedIn, and a lack of strategic direction.

Frequent job changes are inevitable. A typical baby boomer has changed jobs 12 times and those who change jobs make more money.

If you’ve been guaranteed a raise or promotion but it hasn’t happened in months, it's time to start an active search. Even if it just helps you to keep tabs on the job market, it's smart to know what's out there. This should be a habit

Our most successful clients see their career as something they manage consistently over time. They don’t see a job search as a rare occurrence, and they don’t wait for layoffs to make a change.

These are the clients who have landed jobs at places like Amazon and Meta and Nike and Adobe… And they’ve negotiated salaries consistently 25%-60% higher than their prior jobs.

Why? Because they’re practicing good career hygiene, they’re being proactive, and they’re working for an abundance mindset rather than a reactive or fear-based mindset.

In short, they have recession-proofed their career.

What do you need to do to recession-proof your career:

  1. Discover your next steps - Have a plan - Know your plan - Build a career strategy with Livlyhood and UpWord

  2. Update your resume

  3. Update your LI profile

  4. Know the job landscape

Many people fear switching jobs if there’s a downturn in the economy, but it often can be the exact thing you need to do to level up!

For more information on Livlyhood and UpWord's partnership to help you recession-proof your career, click here.

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