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Meet Becky: Candidate for US Senate

This article is the first in a new 2022 series on Livlyhood featuring women working in the political arena.

I’m Becky Edwards and I am running for the United States Senate to unseat Mike Lee.

I believe Utahns are ready to send better leadership to Washington, and I have a strong track record from my ten years in the Utah State Legislature that proves I know how to get to work for the people in this state.

In order to send better leadership to Washington, voters need to engage in the election process long before the general election. While the November general election will technically determine Utah’s next Senator, in all likelihood, the winner of the Republican primary in June will be the winner of the general election. Utah has not elected a senator outside the Republican party since the seventies, and the Republican nominee is determined in the primary. For that reason, every Republican in Utah needs to be engaged in the primary election process to have a voice in the 2022 election and determine our state’s next senator.

When Becky was in the state legislature she held constituent meetings on her yellow couch. She's now taking that couch around the state as she's listening to voters and learning about what issues matter to them.

The following is a guide for engaging in the Republican primary process.

Register to vote/update voter registration

The first step is to register to vote and/or check your registration at

Once you select “Register to vote or update registration,” you will be asked if you have a valid Utah Driver’s license or Utah ID. Once you select Yes, you will be asked if the address on your ID matches your current license.

If the addresses do not match, you will need to change the address on your ID to match your current address which can be done here. Alternatively, you can register to vote by filling out a paper form and mailing it to your county clerk’s office.

If the address on your ID matches your current address, you will be directed to a page to fill in your personal information.

Once you hit continue, you will be directed to the Register To Vote page where you will be asked for your personal information, mailing address, contact information, etc.

Toward the bottom of the page, you will find a field to select a political party. Only voters registered as Republicans can vote in the June 2022 primary.

Once you have filled out all the necessary information, hit Save and Continue, and your application will be submitted.

To vote in Utah’s Republican Primary election, you must be registered by March 31, 2022.

Sign a signature packet

Voters registered as Republicans will be eligible to sign a signature packet for our campaign.

Traditionally, Utah Republican candidates were chosen only via a caucus system. But in 2014 the Utah Legislature passed SB54, which provides candidates an additional path to the primary ballot outside of the caucus system. If a candidate gathers 28,000 signatures from voters affiliated with their party, they then enter a primary election between the convention winner and those who gather enough signatures.

We need 28,000 signatures to ensure a place on the primary election ballot. Every individual who signs a signature packet must meet the following qualifications:

Our signature gatherers will be in a number of locations from January 3 through January 20.

Volunteer to Gather Signatures

We need all the help we can get to gather 28,000 signatures. If you would like to volunteer to help us gather signatures, please fill out this form and register for an online training session. Once you have completed the form we will send further instructions.

Caucus Convention

In addition to gathering signatures, I will also be attending the caucus convention in April. Delegates selected in March neighborhood meetings will meet at the convention to select the Republican nominees for a number of general election races. Any candidate with over 40% of the delegate votes will be on the primary ballot along with the candidates who gather at least 28,000 signatures.

Become a Delegate

A delegate is a person elected or appointed to represent others in their party from a specific precinct or neighborhood. County delegates select nominees for local office while state delegates select nominees for statewide offices, such as the U.S. Senate seat. Delegates select these party nominees at county and state conventions, which are typically held in late April or May. Any registered Republican can become a delegate to help select the Republican nominee. By becoming a delegate, you can have a strong voice in the selection of the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate. Become a delegate to help support our campaign.

Republican Primary Election

The Republican nominee selected by delegates and any nominee who successfully gathers 28,000 signatures will be on the ballot for the June 28 Republican Primary.

County clerks will begin mailing ballots to all registered Republicans 21 days before the primary election. Ballots must be postmarked the day before the primary election to be counted. Voters may also vote in person or drop ballots off at a local polling place on election day (find your nearest polling place here).

It’s time for better politics, better solutions, and better leadership. I know I can bring those things to Washington as your next Senator. I hope you’ll engage in the voting process, get involved, and make your voice heard in the upcoming election.

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