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Livlyhood Turns One!

Thank you, thank you… from the bottom of my heart! I am SO grateful this little side project I started to help myself get through a tough season has blossomed into what it is today and is now one year old! I so appreciate your support through the last year as I’ve tried to figure out how to run a blog 📷

I wanted to share the top takeaways I’ve learned since starting Livlyhood:

1) EVERY woman has a story to share

When I launched Livlyhood, I wanted to focus primarily on the stories of others. I never wanted this space to be about me! I’ve learned over the last year that every woman has so much to share. She may be hesitant to open up (like I was!) but vulnerability will only help each and every one of us! I’ve been honored to be a part of so many women sharing advice and great ideas here on Livlyhood.

2) Being a working woman is so hard, but so worth it 

As the news about the Livlyhood launch spread, I initially had people ask me why I was speaking only to “working” women, and I had to clarify that I believe that EVERY woman works. I’m proud to say that I am part of a push to destroy the stereotypes of “working” women vs. “stay at home” moms, career women vs.  We all have responsibilities and duties because as women we take care of our people. Livlyhood is really for all women, but I wanted to start Livlyhood because the #MeToo movement had me depressed and saddened. I was worried that young women would only see the negative aspects of being a working woman, and that they would be discouraged from pursuing a career.

I have been reminded time and time again over the last year about the many struggles of being a working woman… the exhaustion, disappointment, pay gap, and stress… but all the joys! The sisterhood, solidarity, and success that comes from adding value to your workplace, whatever that may be.

3) No one knows what they’re doing, and that’s ok 

As I’ve talked to the women I’ve featured, I’ve heard over and over “but I’m still figuring it out, I don’t know if I can share anything helpful!” or my favorite line “I had no idea my career would turn out the way it has!” I am so RELIEVED to see that none of us know what we’re doing! Every career journey has twists and turns.

4) There is so much POWER in women supporting women

I can’t tell you how many times I was buoyed up by a smart comment, witty reply or story shared here on Livlyhood. I am so selfishly grateful for the women I’ve learned from here! I believe that there is so much power we each gain from supporting each other, and showing other women that there is room at the top for EVERYONE.


I 100% believe that your success at work is dependent on how much you support others. Mature, educated, smart, gifted and successful women don’t have to tear other women down to succeed. They work, and they are rewarded for it. It’s up to us to change that stereotype. We have all of the power! We just have to exercise it well.

Thanks again for all of your support… and I hope that can provide any feedback, criticism or what you’d like to see more/less of on Livlyhood!

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