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How To Use The "Summer Slump" To Boost Your Career

Updated: May 31

Summer is an exciting and fun time! With warmer weather and outdoor hobbies calling, many people use this time to travel, and take their time off. Others who are primary caretakers have the added responsibility of children home for the summer.

There is a general itch in the office to "get out" and while it is applauded and people should take their time away, sometimes when it comes to your career, it can be a time of career "summer slump" too.

Think about it.

You want to ask for a raise? Your boss is out of office. Then you are out of office. Upon your return, the HR leader is on vacation.

The same goes for when you're applying for jobs in the summer.

So how can you prep for a job or career uplevel in the summer months?

That's easy. Focus on YOU.

Here are 4 ways you can boost your career during the summer slump to ensure your uplevel come fall.

  1. Update Your Resume and LinkedIn

Summer is a great time to spruce up your resume and fine tune your LinkedIn. Make sure your recent accomplishments are listed clearly and newly learned relevant skills are added.

When updating your LinkedIn, make sure you have a professional photo, a compelling headline and detailed descriptions of your roles. LinkedIn is becoming more and more vital to building your career. You don't need to use it everyday as a social media, but think of it as a billboard for your career. When recruiters are looking to fill roles, your profile will pop up if you have the correct words from your industry in your profile. Make sure recruiters can find you!

2. Attend Networking Events

The summer is a great time for cocktail hours, lunch and learns and other great networking events. Get out there and meet people, build connections and you never know where they will take you! If you struggle in network situations, make it a game for yourself.

3. Hire a coach! The job market is unlike anything we've ever seen. The industries that seemed untouchable are crumbling, and interview processes are taking longer than ever. Hiring a coach to help you craft the perfect resume, or prepare for the interviews can help set you apart from the crowd. It is absolutely worth the investment! Britt Larsen is a top 15 career coach, schedule time with her today!

4. Create a killer website or portfolio

In today's job search, you need to find ways to stand out. Having a website of your career, or a portfolio showcasing your value is a great way to stand out from all of the other resumes that are coming into the HR department.

You can use free website builders, like Canva. Wix or Google Sites. They are very user friendly, and you can google how to do almost anything! Make sure you have permission from your company to showcase some of your projects, then display them on the website. If you don't have permission, ask if you can blur things so you can show the new potential employers your work.

As you continue your career, use these 3 ideas to boost your career search during the summer slump. If you need additional ideas, check out these affordable courses!

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