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How can I Help you Succeed in your Career?

Now that I’ve been running Livlyhood for a little over a year, I’ve recognized a few gaps in the kind of support women lack for their careers. Women are notorious for not asking for help when we really need it (I know from experience!) so I wanted to give back in a helpful way.

This week, I want to give back to 3 Livlyhood readers, one for each of the following categories… FREE!

1. Confidence Coaching 

One of the biggest needs I’ve seen is that women lack confidence to pursue a certain path, especially if it’s something completely new to them. Recently I’ve been helping a few of my gal pals as they’ve started on new paths and I’ve loved being their go to cheerleader. This would be a great option if you’re about to start your own business or a new side hustle!

2. Resume Review 

Too often resumes become a laundry list of work responsibilities, instead of a comprehensive overview of what you bring to the table. I would love to help you revamp your LinkedIn profile and reword your resume so that it truly shows off what you’re capable of!

3. Career Coaching 

I’ve been in enough tough situations at work to help you ask for a promotion or a raise, or help with a particularly tough situation at work. I would love to guide you as you prepare for a review, strategize with you about your next steps, or help you decide how to approach a problem.

If you’re interested in working with me in any of these categories, shoot me an email at, dm me on Instagram, leave a message in my Contact page or comment on my post! I’d also LOVE to have you consider if someone in your life would appreciate this kind of guidance and nominate them/reach out to me on their behalf!

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