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Five Reasons to Connect with the Women in Your Circle

I recently threw an event for women at my home and loved mingling with some of the most interesting, smart and fun women I know.

Here's what I learned by inviting so many incredible women to my home for a night of networking.

We make magic happen when we focus on our strengths

I partnered with Sara Urquhart, founder of SaraU Productions, Alt Summit and Shift Summit, to put on this event. Sara is the queen of experiences.

She cracked me up when as we were planning I said "should we do balloons?" and she quickly replied "No, Britt. Everyone does balloons. Let's hang ribbons from the trees for more movement." It looked amazing!

And as we were setting up I said "Sara, I feel like you did way more on this event than I did" to which she responded "I've been feeling the same way about you, Britt! That's how we know we're good partners."

Next time you're feeling alone at work, reach out to people around you who have strengths that compliment yours, and watch the magic unfold.

It always pays off to support other women

I love supporting other women in their business pursuits, and it comes pretty naturally to me. But what surprises me is how a simple gesture can really pay off for us both. I reached out to several female-owned companies seeing if they would support the event by offering swag to our attendees.

I was so touched by the response from amazing businesses like Pantry Products, Henly, SOLS, Bra Fittings by Court and Priceless Bakes.

The swag bags were so incredible! I hope all of these women know that I'm honored by their support and that I'd do whatever I can do support their dreams.

Women are willing to invest in themselves if given the chance

I loved hearing how many women were enjoying mingling with new people because they're single and needed the social stimulation, and from moms who needed a break. I was so proud of the diverse backgrounds of all of our attendees!

We hear a lot about lack of self care for busy women, and I know personally it's an ongoing struggle. But when given the opportunity, I know women are willing to invest in themselves and their dreams.

So invite a friend to lunch, reach out to your connections, and make sure your friends see you as a resource.

The women I know are building their dream life

I loved meeting so many followers and new friends. What was really fun was meeting so many of my local clients I've only ever seen on zoom! At one point I took a moment to just look around and soak in the moment.

I saw several of my former clients, now friends, who are collectively making thousands of dollars more than when we first met, and finding more joy in their jobs.

I saw current clients who are ready to take big risks and excited for change. I saw dear friends overcoming challenges and working to provide for themselves and their families. Overall, just in total awe of how amazing women are!

Women make beautiful creations out of whatever they're handed in life

I was so obsessed with the florals provided by Gibby Floral, and what amazed me was that everyone's creations were SO different.

Even though every attendee had the same flowers to work with, their personalities were reflected in the uniqueness of their bouquets.

Throwing Feminists in Florals was such a great learning experience and I loved connecting with so many amazing women.

Special thanks for our amazing service provider sponsors:

Marcie Collett, Tarot Guide

Lyndy Barnard, LCSW/Therapist

Madison Holden, RN, MSN, Certified Baby Nutrition Consultant

Angela Ashurst-Mcgee, CPRW, Founder of RedRocketResume

Jessica Allred, LCSW, PMH-C,

Annadel Lemon, CPT, OS, TRX

Melanee Dahl, MS, CNS, LDN

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