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5 Tips For a "Leslie Knope" LinkedIn Profile

Leslie Knope, a character in the hit sitcom "Parks and Rec" is an enthusiastic and optimistic deputy director for the Parks Department in a small town called Pawnee Indiana.

Leslie LOVES her job and does it with passion and vigor.

Her eccentric personality is beloved in this funny show, including some of her quirks like documenting and saving everything, including her and her friend's accomplishments.

When approaching your LinkedIn profile, get into the "Leslie Knope" mindset.

Think positively about yourself, and your job. Save accomplishments so you can showcase them. Document promotions, new skills and certifications. Here are 5 ways you can have a "Leslie Knope" approved LinkedIn profile.

  1. Expound on your roles and titles. Write a blurb under each role including your accomplishments, your day-to-day tasks and some of the skills and certifications or degrees you achieved with each role.

  2. Get a mentor! Leslie loved and adored her mentors and learned from them. She had all sorts of different mentors, including subject matter experts. Britt Larsen is a subject matter expert in career transition, whether you are getting your first job, or getting into management she can be your coach!

  3. Make sure you have optimized your LinkedIn! There are certain things you can do on your LinkedIn to make sure you are getting seen. First, verify your LinkedIn. You can find out how to do this here. Use code LINKEDIN100 to get this guide for FREE.

  4. Send a friendly hello to people you would like to connect with! Leslie is always looking to make a friend and is very friendly and kind. Take that attitude to LinkedIn!

  5. Cheer others on! Leslie is the ultimate cheerleader for others. It helps her create a great community! If you see others accomplish things, comment and congratulate them!

Leslie Knope is a great model for how to function on LinkedIn. Give these tactics a try, and see if you have any success!

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