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Top Seven Gift Ideas for Working Women

I LOVE gift giving... whether it's a birthday, a birth, a wedding, a Wednesday... I love finding an excuse to buy and give gifts, especially for the women in my life! I can't help that it's my love language. But too often we wait for personal life milestones to celebrate the women we love. Why not celebrate their promotions, new jobs, raises, or just the fact that they made it through another day of meetings?!

I decided to put together this guide after being the recipient of so many wonderful gifts and knowing that sometimes it can be hard to figure out the perfect gift for the working women you know! I also love that most of these companies are smaller and female-founded.

I'm such a huge fan of this amazing female-owned company Statement Cards that's all about celebrating the different milestones in women's careers! It can be so tough to find good cards for coworkers, your boss and friends when they get raises or promotions. But look no further than Statement Cards, founded by Stefanie O'Connell Rodriguez, a nationally recognized millennial money expert and author to celebrate the ambitious women in your life.

Statement Cards is dedicated to celebrating women’s ambitions and milestones beyond marriage and motherhood. We believe in recognizing women, not only for their value in relation to others, but also, for their own achievements and successes.

Whether it’s supporting your sister as she starts her own business, congratulating your bestie when she scores a raise or taking a moment to acknowledge yourself when you finish paying off your student loans, we’re here to help you celebrate - joyfully and unapologetically.

Learn more about Statement Cards here.

Cookie Delivery

A few times in the last year a friend has sent me cookies from Crumbl, a fabulous cookie place with delivery services that's now in several states. The first time I got some from a dear friend our IVF cycle had just failed and it's one of my favorite memories. She sent us three boxes and we just sat and ate our feelings the whole weekend. It made me feel so loved! A few weeks ago another friend sent me a box after I broke my leg and it was such a nice and delicious gift.

If you don't have a Crumbl by you, check out Cheryl's Cookies. My mom once sent me a batch of beautiful, ocean themed sugar cookies from Cheryl's during a hard week with a note that said "I wish we were at the beach!" and it was such a fun surprise to receive at work.

Favorite Books

I love giving books to friends and actually keep a few in my gift stash to have on hand because they make great gifts for any occasion. My favorite books to give are Grace, Not Perfection and When Less Becomes More from one of my idols, author Emily Ley. You can buy her books at Target (they're often on sale!), on Amazon, her site or wherever books are sold. Tie a bow around it and it makes a great gift because her books are so beautiful!

I came across this company as I was doing research for this post and full disclosure I haven't had an opportunity to send one yet, but I just thought this idea was too fun not to include! How amazing would it be to gift one of your girls a piñata the next time she gets promoted?!

Flowers and Plants

Flowers are an obvious choice, but for good reason! My parents have always sent me flowers to work when I've gotten promoted and they always brighten my office. You've probably heard of Farmgirl Flowers, and I obviously had to give a shoutout to this amazing female-owned company!

My favorite place to get flowers is Urbanstems because their arrangements are a little more structured (my preference) but they are on the pricier side. They also have plants, wreaths and other great gift options. What a fun way to honor the women in your life! Every time I've sent these I've been in awe of their quality.

If you don't need it delivered, Trader Joes always has a great selection of flowers and plants. One year I got all of my employees a little succulent from there after a tough week. It was so fun to see how much that simple gesture really meant to them. And I also told everyone to take a half day Friday... maybe that was the real gift :)

I am OBSESSED with this company! BrightBox is female founded and such a great answer to trying to find something for a friend going through a tough time or celebrating something amazing. I've sent three of these in just the last few months- to two friends dealing with health challenges and a friend who got a new job. They are completely customizable and range in price from $5-$40 which is so nice! It's so fun to receive them as well- last year two of my college roommates sent me one and I adored everything they added to it!

Here's a bit more about the BrightBox story:

At a time when my husband was working on a startup of his own, we were living on savings and hardly had any extra to spend! I had a friend who had just lost her job of 15 years and was heartbroken. I wanted to show her I was thinking about her beyond just telling her, so I turned to Pinterest! A trip to the dollar store (hauling my two little kids) and a bag full of all things yellow later, I put together a fun "sunshine" box and left it on her doorstep.

What I didn't realize was how much joy it would bring me! Knowing this simple thing made such a difference to someone I care about meant the world to me. So much so that I found myself doing this for friends and family for various reasons - from something happy, like a birthday, to devastating, like a cancer diagnosis. - Shea Workman, Founder & Owner of Brightbox, LLC

Massage or Mani/Pedi Giftcard

While this may seem like an obvious choice, I actually have never gifted a massage and one of the Livlyhood followers said this is what she gives to all of the new moms in her life and I loved that idea. Why not do the same for a friend who just finished a huge project at work? I'm a big fan of Massage Envy because they have locations all over the country, so if your gal pal doesn't live by you, you can call the nearest Massage Envy and know that she'll have a good experience. Or look into what salons are highly rated in her area! I know that getting a mani/pedi giftcard would be the highlight of my month so that's always a good option too.

What are your favorite gifts to get and give? Leave a comment below about what's missing from this list!

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