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Meet Ally: Business and Community Leader and U.S. Senate Candidate

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Hi friends,

Our nation is at a crossroads. We've become so polarized that we’ve forgotten how to work together. Public dialogue has become more about personalities than ideas, more about division than solutions. Too many people feel unseen, unheard and unvalued.

I believe we can do better and we all have a part. I’m running as a Republican for the U.S. Senate to replace Mike Lee. I invite you to join me. Let’s reclaim the public square and help our country get back on track, one conversation at a time.

I know the difference a woman’s voice can make. I’ve enjoyed a career as an executive in several sectors, usually in male-dominated organizations and industries. I served as deputy chief of staff to Utah’s former governor, as a director at a global nonprofit and, most recently, as a chief officer at a nanotech company. I know so very well the challenges and rewards of being a working mom. (But really, show me a mom who isn’t working!)

Women can be powerful change-agents! I’ve brought people with diverse backgrounds and opinions to the table to get things done. I’ve spoken for those who aren’t in the room and presented their concerns with respect to create understanding. And I love mentoring young female professionals and students, cultivating in them the same skills and confidence.

When I launched my campaign, I pledged to hit every Utah city and town on my statewide listening tour. Over these last months, I’ve met people from all walks of life as I’ve put on my red running shoes in 73 Utah cities – and counting! Utah’s women are remarkable–I know, because I’m meeting so many. They have varied backgrounds and experiences – from company CEO to a goat farm entrepreneur to stay-at-home-mom, healthcare worker, student and elected official. So often, Utah’s women are weaving communities together and leading out with innovative, transformational solutions. It is absolutely inspiring!

The path to making a difference isn’t always easy. Most women are compelled by the difficult experiences that shape them. I’m no exception. Growing up, I moved 13 times and watched my mom often shoulder three jobs. As the oldest of six children, I helped my family deliver newspapers and clean movie theaters after midnight to make ends meet. I knew education was my way out of financial uncertainty, so I focused on my studies and became a champion debater, earning a full academic scholarship to and degree from Brigham Young University-Provo.

Since then, I've spent my life on good causes and my career speaking truth to power. I stand on principle, engage in good faith and value all voices. My qualifications are clear. My record is solid. Never before has female leadership been more needed, both locally and nationally.

I believe women can be builders and weavers and healers, particularly in repairing the damage to the fabric of our nation. This is a historic moment for our incredible state. Let’s send Utah’s first female senator to our country’s capital. It’s time–for Utah and for our women and girls.

Ally Isom is a business and community leader running for U.S. Senate to represent all of Utah and replace Mike Lee. Her policy platform can be found here: The Right Things: A Compact with Utah. A Vision for America.

She needs 28,000 Utah Republican signatures to get on the party’s primary ballot to challenge the incumbent. To sign Ally’s petition, click here. To register as a Republican, click here.

To get to know Ally better, follow along on her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and watch her moving personal story sharing more about why she’s running here.

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